Never Forget a Name Again

By Paul Santiago

Everybody have had issues in remembering a new person’s name. Some of these people who claims to having issues with names are blaming their “forgetfulness” trait while a handful of others say that it has been like that ever since they can remember and as expected, they do forget the names of the new people introduced to them when it happens.

What can we do about this? If you are one of the many people in the world who has the same problem with names, you can still try very simple remembering steps whenever an opportunity arises. You see, the problem here does not entirely rely on memory problems. There is just too much emphasis put on this and with people hearing it from others, just makes the problem worse.

If you have not done so yet, the next time you meet a new person, anticipate the chance when they introduce their names. Hold on to it and as long as you are still in conversation with the person, pick up all the facial details that you can and associate it with the person’s name. Just like when somebody walks up on you and say their name up front, immediately pick out something that is distinct from their facial features and associate it this with the person’s name right away. So when a friend asks you several days after whom were you talking to, you can easily respond with “Oh, the skinny guy with curly hair? His name is John.”

Another effective way to let this name-remembering problem go away is to let go of the attitude itself. Saying “I’m bad with names” isn’t going to solve the problem at all. Take the effort to let go of this bad habit and learn how to conquer it.

Whether you are partying with friends or attending an important business meeting with valuable clients, tell yourself that you need to remember these people’s names. Help yourself improve your memory. While you are still with these people, use their names repetitively. It does not matter if you sound like a recorder, the purpose is for you to be able to get used to the name until it makes an impression to your memory. Phrases like “What do you do for work, John?”, “John, can you pass that to me please?” or “Thanks, John” are helpful ways to how you can remember names easily.


You can just do this method from the movie house bunny.

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